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Community Start Up Guide


The content bellow is still relevant, but will be getting updated more in the future.
In the meantime, still go over it to increase your understanding and get inspired to begin.

Community Start Up Guide

How to Start 
A Paradigm Shift Conscious Community 

AKA - How to Stand for Tomorrow Today and Help Change the World

- Communication - Organization - Optimization - Presentation -

Paradigm Shift Communities exist to primarily host regular Open-minded Discussion and Meditation circles as part of the real world game to help shift consciousness
. They are designed to function as a portal to help build community and to create space to foster conscious growth on personal and collective levels. 

NEW - Download the Paradigm Shift Admin Tool Kit
Valuable tools to help you build a Paradigm Shift Community where you are. 

Listen to this original episode of Paradigm Shift Radio for more information on the basics of getting started. 
(Original recording from 2014, but overall information is relative.)
> Download this episode on mp3 < 

> OR Download and listen to this Video Class on Mp3  <

Check out the ongoing Community Admin Meetings to understand more and get a feel for the team. 
Get involved with future Admin Meetings to connect further as part of the game.

The First Steps

0. Check first to see if there is already a Community getting started in your area. Visit The Community Index page- if there is then touch base with them and explain that you would like to be involved. 

1. Read this page
2. If you are starting one - Fill out the New Admin Sign Up Form 
3. Join the Paradigm Shift Community Admin Group
4. Once done, create your community page on Facebook <Click Here>, Select "Community or Cause", and go from there.
5. Stay in touch and ask for help if you need it. 
6. Look for a place in your community to have your regular Open-Minded Discussion and Meditation Circles at. Talk to owners of places like yoga studios and tell them what they are doing, and how it is helping the community. They will be happy to help.
7. Spread the word within your local community and with your local online friends. Put forth the effort to let more people know that your Paradigm Shift Community exists and that they are invited to come out to the regular meetings. Create pamphlets for your community available on the Tools Page, and even engage in acts of Shiftivism, like doing Free Hugs + Pamphlets and Shift Buttons to create more awareness and connect with people synchronistically.
8. Share thought provoking and inspiring content on your community page to help spark ideas and inspiration.
9. Get involved with the Admin Meetings and Paradigm Shift Radio.
10. Make new friends
11. Take care of yourself - Be Inspired. Be Change. Be Love. 

As an example of a Paradigm Shift Community Facebook page 
check out the page for - Paradigm Shift London, Ontario, Canada.  

What are Paradigm Shift Communities?

Paradigm Shift Communities exist to help create space, physically and digitally, relative to individual locations throughout the world in order to help foster communication, community, and personal growth.

As these communities grow they help assist people in the process of 'waking up' and being empowered to become more authentic and embodied versions of ourselves. 


Why start one?

Starting a community is the beginning of a new adventure. Based on knowings relative to synchronicity - if you put forth the intention to find like-minded others in your area then you will find them. As a community grows you will begin to develop real friendships with others in your area. By working together you will be able to put forth the objective to connect with even more people and even partake in acts of Shiftivism as a means to promote love and conscious awareness.

A Paradigm Shift Community is intended to be a hub/portal. Meeting people involves the process of simply letting the know that your local Paradigm Shift Community exists and allowing them to be intrigued and excited about the idea of them meeting other like-minded individuals who are likely interested in topics relative to the evolution of consciousness and so forth. Furthermore it also gives them a chance to tune into the bigger picture and join in on listening to episodes of Paradigm Shift Radio, and other inspiring media that we are creating. 


The Physical Meetings.

In addition to Paradigm Shift Communities having facebook pages, the highlights of the communities progress occur within the consistent physical meetings. At a meeting people sit in a circle, talk, and practice meditation as a group at some point. Therefore all Paradigm Shift Communities are encouraged to focus on organizing these simple 'Open-minded Discussion and Meditation Circle' meetings in locations such as schools, yoga studios, libraries, parks, or anywhere else. The KEY to them is the idea of having them as consistently as possible. Once a week is ideal, but begin with what works for you.

At a meeting the goal is for people to practice having conversation. Naturally the topics often relate around the things less commonly discussed in regular public spheres - like experiences with subtle energies, chakras, dreams, mindfulness, meditation techniques, paranormal experiences, sacred geometry, infinity, and beyond. 

Of course these meeting opportunities are encouraged to evolve in unique ways relative to the individuals within the communities. As friendships form and communication takes place people are encouraged to use their Paradigm Shift Communities to begin engaging with their local communities to help shift consciousness further. 

Neurons that fire together wire together. 
Help Build the Tribe.

Here are videos with examples of some discussion within a Paradigm Shift Meeting

> Watch  More - Click Here < 


Why YOU Should Start One

 Everything you need is within arms reach. More and more people are 'waking up' and looking to connect with others. Paradigm Shift Communities are emerging all across the world and are being started by people just like you. Through the tools, such as awesome buttons, and motivation provided within Paradigm Shift Central you will be able to actively hack the matrix. A key part of doing is knowing - and know that you are already connected to the others in your community - its just a matter of taking that first step to help bring each other together.

In a very real and litteral way it is a very exciting adventure to create a Paradigm Shift Community as it opens up a new chapter in your life. Put your energy into the community and help invite others to do the same. Allow the colours to blend and the art to emerge. Feel free to think of creating a community as a hobby - you are litteraly helping create something - and through your strategic intuition you can help create some real magic.

NOTE - If you are a student at a school then you are in a PRIME enviornment to start a Paradigm Shift Comunity. 

Remember - there is no rush. Think it over and move forward with the idea when the time is right. 


Reiteration of The Simple Steps 

  • Join the Paradigm Shift Community Admin Group to communicate with other admins, connect, introduce yourself, take part in Google Hangout meetings, and ask any general questions you might have. 
  • Create a facebook page called "Paradigm Shift 'Your Location'" (If you are in a school, name it after your school. Starting in a concentrated environment adds bonus poential. Expand into your city/town in the second year.)
  • Contact us at via the New Admin Sign Up Form (Form coming soon) and let us know that you are starting a community
  • Visit the Admin Tools and the Shift Tools to download graphics you can use for your page and to promote your community via business cards, pamphlets, and event posters.  
  • Order some Consciousness Shifting Buttons. The buttons are not required - but they are incredibly useful. Having buttons as tools will dramatically increase the growth rate of your community as it will allow you to hack social norms and instigate converastion and synchronicity.
  • Begin looking into possible locations that you will be able to have your consistent phsyical meetings at and organize one ASAP.
  • If you need help making graphics for an event once you have set a place and time, just message the Live Chat
  • Connect with others you may already know and invite them to help you out with the project, tell them about Paradigm Shift Central if they dont already know. 
  • Visit the Shift Tools to find print signs, Free Hug signs, and other media that you can use to engage in Shiftivism where you are and help raise awareness about your Paradigm Shift Community
  • Spending time working on your own personal development and continue to step into your role as a leader to help cerate other leaders. 


Starting a community is simple. 
And through that simplicity we can weave beautiful complexity. 

If you have any questions simply ask in the Team Live Chat.

Anyone can help start a community where they are. 
Will you?

Everything you need is within arms reach.

Remember - The Shift is You.

∞ Open Your Eyes to Reclaim Your Prize ∞