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Spacelite - Natural Alkaline Formula


Natural Alkaline Health & Athletic Electrolyte Formula for Water

>Part of a Healthy Conscious Lifestyle<

Figured out into this reality by Joe Hatoum for the purpose of reclaiming our individual potentials as human beings in the midst of a society that is trying to keep us down.

Mini - $20. (Lasts close to 1 - 2 months pending on useage.)
Large - $100 



The Spacelite Story (Origins and Overview)


Science wise: A Special High-Grade Potassium Formula designed for humans. 
In generic terms: A mineral powder that you dilute in water 
to help restore the bodies natural pH Levels - aiding to overall better health.

SpaceLite is an athletic performance boosting beverage that can contribute to your recommended daily intake of potassium, whilst having almost zero calories. It can help to prevent the build-up of lactic acid, improve muscle development and reduce muscle burn from athletic activity. SpaceLite can also improve awareness, focus and concentration, giving users a clear head and a competitive edge.

The SpaceLite performance enhancing drink is an alkaline blend of electrolytes and potassium, which can help users to function at their peak, improve their general health, and help to combat plaque and bad breath. SpaceLite can help to restore your natural balance and combat headache, joint ache, heartburn and toothache.

SpaceLite is a source of potassium, which plays an important role in nerve and brain function. Potassium rich diets can help to protect against hypertension or stroke. The SpaceLite product can also encourage you to drink regularly, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Natural electrolyte potassium and oxygen electrolyte
  • Natural alkaline electrolyte minerals that makes water become anti-acid
  • A means to get your RDA (Recommended Daily Intake) of potassium
  • An athletic performance beverage (Like Gatorade but minus the nasty sugar, and its way better)
  •  A way to get crystals in your body = higher and healthier vibration
  • Ionizes in water
  • Like putting minerals in food, SPACELITE is minerals for your water

Learn More about the Importance of pH Levels and Overall Health



How to use SPACELITE:

Simply add to water.


Daily Amount: 1 tsp(teaspoon) per 2L of water

Should be tasteless in water, if not, simply dilute in more water.

Daily use is not required. Listen to your body. Idealy to be used during athletic performance, though a pinch in a glass of water during your day is worthwhile when not involved in athletic activity in order to get SPACELITE into your system and improve overall health.

Ideally always use filtered water.


Benefits of SPACELITE:

  • Overall better health and healtheir lifestyle
  • Stops lactic acid inside of cells
  • Helps re-balance your PH levels back to Basic Health
  • No muscle burn for optimal athletic endurance and performance
  • Better muscle development
  • Better concentration, focus, and awareness
  • Enhanced meditation practice
  • Prevents plaque growth on teeth
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Helps with toothaches
  • Helps with heartburn
  • Helps with headaches
  • Helps with joint aches
  • Helps you evolve
  • Encourages drinking water more regularly

SPACELITE is featured in Skull Babylon's movie- A Journey to the West.
Watch the film and get introduced to SPACELITE along the way.


SPACELITE is also featured and explained in EP002 of 
The Mystic Ninja Chronicles at 2:50


Contact Joe Hatoum with any questions about Spacelite at - 
contact Joe at

- Spacelite helps put you in the future. -

∞ Open Your Eyes to Reclaim Your Prize ∞