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About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Out of the Darkness Comes Light

Do you ever feel insignificant, misunderstood, alone or lost in a sea of ignorance, arrogance and unacceptance? 

Do you ever get disappointed or ashamed in yourself when you make mistakes or don't fully meet expectations?

I have spent many years surrounded by the think fog we call depression. My soul has been tormented and mocked by the demons of my insecurity. I have sat for countless hours trying desperately to find some reason to continue in this exsistance, trying to justify the pain.

I have stood on the very edge, and contemplated that final leap. I have been pointed and laughed at, pushed to 'just do it'. And in one final attempt I reached out into the dark and begged for help.

Thats when it happened. A stranger approached me with tears in his eyes. He placed his hand on my shoulder and he spoke to me in a gentle voice. He said, 

'Please ma'am don't do this. This world is a horrible place filled with terrible people I know, but you are the only one who can change this. Without your compassion this world will die. Without your goodness, evil will reign. Please ma'am, we need you.'

'But it hurts so much, its getting harder to breath, the fog is so thick now.' I replied.

'May I embrace you just for a moment?' He asked.

With that I allowed the embrace, and in that moment I was no longer alone, I was no longer mocked, I was no longer misunderstood. I lifted my head and realized I was no longer standing on the edge, the fog was clearing and I was surrounded by the most beautiful light I had ever seen. 

I asked this man if he was an angel. He replied

'No, I am merely a lightworker. I just wanted you to see that you are not alone. It is a long, dark, lonely road when you are alone. But, if you share the load, the light starts to shine through. Light is unselfish, it does not belong to just one, rather to everyone. Go now ma'am and light the way for others.'

With that I walked away, and with each step my light grew brighter. With each new person I embraced, more lights were added. 

Needless to say, from time to time my light dims. But in these times I just hook back into the network and recharge. I will never be lost in that fog again, and for that I am so grateful.

So, if your ever lost and left feeling your way around the darkness, be sure to reach out. A lightworker is never far away, and they want to shift you into a new dimension. One filled with compassion, empathy and most importantly...... LIGHT!



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Written by PsySista

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