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Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

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Recently, there have been several contact experiences that have transpired with the Shakani (Beings from Bashar’s home world of Essasani) which have inspired me to inform those who may be reading this, on a variety of multi-dimensional mechanics. As I have shared before, on a very regular basis I have interactions with a wide variety of extraterrestrial/extradimensional forms of intelligence, within meditation, dreams, and everyday life. Over many years now, my ability to understand and recall these experiences has increased at a very exponential rate. From my observation, this seems to be a rare gift amongst humans, as most are not vibrationally acclimated enough to consciously interface with the very high and refined frequencies that most extraterrestrials/extradimensionals are operating from. The primary reason that I have extrapolated for having such lucid experiences such as these, is because it is absolutely integral for my purpose here on this planet. So, with that being said, I take a lot of pride in sharing this information with you all and will only ever share from my heart and my direct experiences. Granted, for some this information may not be understood for a number of years to come but nonetheless, I recommend you read this if you are interested.
Often times, to the human perception, these types of multi-dimensional experiences can be rather confusing. This stems from several primary reasons, the first being the inability for the linear mind to comprehend thought forms that exist outside of space/time. The moment that you are interacting within a reality that is outside the dimension that we currently call “Our reality”, we are dealing with realms that utilize time in a much different way. You can consider these non-linear realities to utilize the experience of time as points on a map, rather than a series of continuous events. When you are operating outside of time in a multi-dimensional based reality, you understand that all time is happening HERE and NOW. From this understanding, you can then shift the frequency of your consciousness to your desired location as long as you know the coordinates on the “multidimensional map”, so to speak. To the extraterrestrials who are currently working with humanity at this time, this is how their reality functions. So, upon interacting with these beings, many things are happening within your consciousness all at once. This is why, when you go to recall your experiences, they make absolutely no sense to the physical mind. If you have had these experiences, then you most likely know what is it like to attempt to explain your contact experience, yet not having the slightest idea how to. We say things like “First I was here, then I was there, then I was here again, what the heck?” or maybe, “I seem to remember being in my bedroom, then I was on the ceiling and theeeeennnn things got REALLY weird when there was a little grey being standing next to my high school gym teacher” Sound familiar? Overtime, you start to begin to develop a type of awareness that views non-linear reality through a lens of linearity. The best way that I can describe it, is it’s as if you are looking at a series of sporadic images that are being projected onto a screen. As you are looking at this screen there are many moving components, but the one who is observing the images is perfectly still and not moving at all. The one who is observing, is in a state of total neutrality and from this state of neutrality, there is no need to attach oneself to the moving images that are appearing on the screen. It’s in developing this type of awareness, that non linear reality can be understood through the lens of linearity. A very large part of developing this type of awareness is surrendering the need for it to make sense to your human mind. Paradoxically, when you allow it to not make sense, then what is meant for you to understand can naturally present itself to you.
Another main reason, why these experiences are difficult for us to understand has to do with instantaneous thought manifestation. Within these various multi-dimensional realities, the vibrational frequency, or quality of energy that governs these realities, is so high and refined, that there is virtually no separation between the inner and outer worlds. Some of us, understand that thought creates reality. However, sometimes it can be more challenging to observe this as thought manifests into the outer world, rather slow for most. For these extraterrestrials/extradimensionals that are working with us, this process happens INSTANTANEOUSLY. There is absolutely no latency between when a thought is derived and when it appears in ones external environment. When your consciousness is downloaded into one of realities and you are interacting with these beings, if you are not totally shifted into neutral, so to speak, then you will start to color these experiences through a distorted lens. In other words, there is very little room for having thoughts that are generated by an imbalanced “monkey mind”. For example, if you are on a Shakani or Yahyel craft and you begin to think about pizza, you will start to physically manifest those thought forms. You may say to yourself “Well, how can instantaneously manifesting pizza be a bad thing?” It’s certainly not a bad thing, but the more validity you give to the thought forms that arise from randomly generated metal chatter, the more you attract other physical manifestations that correlate to the vibration of that thought and before you know it, you will not be able to retain the clarity that is necessary for translating these experiences back into this reality.
One of the reasons why people seem to have experiences with “Negative Entities” actually stem from the very thing I explained above. Most of us, are NOT interacting with beings who are empirically negative. In many cases, it’s the fear that we bring into our contact experiences that color these experiences as negative. And of course the more vaility we give to fear, the more our reality gives us reasons to fear.
Navigating these multidimensional realities require a great deal of refinement in the development of one's consciousness. It takes time and practice to accurately translate these interactions with our brothers and sisters from the stars. It has taken many experiences and many years for me to begin to experience contact in a way where I can navigate these realms freely, fluently and with the ability to see clearly.
Over the course of your journey you will be given many opportunities to acclimate to these contact scenarios. Most of you already have, it’s just a matter of integrating the light into the physical vessel more and more, in order to remember what has already occurred. Which by the way, is the fundamental answer to why you aren’t able to remember your experiences. It’s because there is some more growth that needs to occur within THIS REALITY. In this case, I will say that as below, so above. What you have yet to transform here, translates into what you experience “Up there” NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
The more you devote every moment of your precious existence to becoming the embodiment of the living light, the more you will become ready to handle these experiences with more ease. So, go forth with love and gratitude for absolutely everything and anything as best as you possibly can! And yes speaking from my experience, it is 100% possible for each and every one of us to begin to embody this, as we ARE this. So, please remember, that It is simply a matter of how far you are willing to go. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!

- Gabe

Art by Louis Dyer


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Greetings, I AM Gabe! You would understand me to be, a hyperdimensional time-traveler who has come to this world to assist in planetary ascension, as well as the integration of extraterrestrial culture on planet Earth.


  • Community Admin

    Yessss! Much love brother.

  • Thankyou gabe

  • Hi Gabe, have you ever opened your third eye and visited higher dimensional reality or just the dream space ? The greys rule the dream space and they are very much not liked in higher dimensional reality. The words you use and how you relate to the greys with your emotional energy leads me to believe your being played by Greys into believing they are your friends. Grey aliens are experts at human psychology. They can get you to feel and relate to any form of information with any emotion. Be careful bro your playing with devils. 

    • Hello! I appreicate your concern my friend but your perspective is coming from a very dualistic understanding of these matters. I don't wish to disrepsect you in any way shape or form but I urge you to look at the negative definitions you hold. When you create there to be a "devil" as you say, then you give that energy validy within your reality and there for begin to see reflections that confirm the belief in which you have programmed your reality with. When you live in a space of universal love and connection then you understand that within higher dimensional realities there is nothing that is actually "not liked" as everything is seen as an equal part of the whole. It is in the act of unconditionality towards everything positive or negative then you are no longer a vibrational match to a reality based in manipulation. As I said, I appreciate you and your concern but I am very familiar with what I am doing and who I am engaging with. <3  

  • Love and light always brother the intention behind my comment was simply to act as a warning. Danger exists in all realitys, be well man. 

  • Community Admin

    I too am personally interested in the idea of the greys and considering their place within the game. From my best guess I'd imagine the truth itself about the greys may in fact be.....quite grey.


This reply was deleted.

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