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About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Something about the gypsy-nomad life has always appealed to me. I crave to be a part of the beautiful landscapes I see in pictures. I am more at home in the woods than I could ever be in a city; hustle and bustle makes me uneasy and the lack of life is frankly depressing, especially in places as congested as cities.

Life is funny in the way that It knows what you're meant for and it will steer you in that direction with little hints - or in my case, after steadily ignoring the signs Life cuts the power steering line and watches you plummet off the edge of a cliff.

But it took that drastic of a shock for me to really get It - to see what truly matters in life. Life knew I don’t like easy hints; I need it the hard way, every time. (I’m a Taurus and a 1)

In hindsight I can see why I was pushed to the edge of my “world”. Without trashing my security net and burning all my boats I would have never taken risk to fulfill some of my deepest dreams. I would have stayed, trapped in the miserable comfort of monotony, working a job I didn’t enjoy and making excuses for why I have to wait to be happy. Just another miserable face, staring into a computer screen, avoiding eye contact with my co-working strangers, nine hours a day five days a week. Ah, the joys of corporate America. 

With all that said, let’s flash forward to the present moment and what this post is all about; gearing up to travel across the country from Massachusetts to California. 

When you're thinking about taking to the road there is a lot of ground to cover, especially when you’ve got kids. Luckily, we are currently house-less so downsizing is not our most pressing concern. We locked down a van for cheap money and have only had to put minimal work into it, thankfully! Nothing has been more freeing (or scary, let's be honest) than really deciding to up and leave the only area of this country I've known.

My husband's half-brother lives in San Diego and so we've made that our turn around point but the in between is pretty much open. We plan to utilize all the free camping available along the way. If you're ever interested in locating completely free camping sites be sure to check out It is so useful! Not only do they show you all types of campgrounds but you can use their trip planner and link it directly to Google Maps. They also are a HUGE resource for full time Rver's with tons of helpful articles and links. I definitely recommend checking the site out.

Once I started looking into living on the road full time I realized it is a culture all in its own. There are a variety of ways people sustain their nomadic lifestyle; some are the retired and wealthy, others are chasing dreams and adventure and some just have no other option. America is still the land of opportunity, you just have to know where to look - and if where you're looking seems fruitless then try somewhere new, that's my line of reasoning at least. 

As I make out my to-do lists and categorize necessities I am starting to see that I'm not just preparing for the trip of a lifetime I'm cutting out all the distractions from actually living. More than ever I'm realizing that this is a turning point in my life. I'm no longer allowing circumstance to hold me back from what I know I'm meant to do. Deep in my bones, in my soul, I know this lifetime is meant to teach me how to enjoy being alive on this amazing planet, it is here so I can continue to learn and teach, to receive and give again.

I used to think if only I had this certain job I'd be safe, if I had this specific amount in the bank I could then relax, if only my children would behave then could I rejoice in their presence; but no, life shattered all those pretty nick-nack dreams. It dug up the crystals from deep inside me and showed me that just like the earth I contain all the wonders of the universe, I just need to readjust my eyes. 

I started off this journal entry hoping to create a how-to post which would showcase the work we've put into gearing up for our trip but as I type out my composed thoughts it seems pointless. How-to's are very helpful, don't get me wrong but this has morphed into more of a how-come instead of a how-to and that's okay. I hope to record our trip on here and share our experiences on the platform, maybe I'll meet others who are doing the same thing or inspire someone to live their life to the fullest. 

In closing I'd like to say I hope this trip opens doors for me to meet new people in new places with old souls, perhaps find bits of my scattered tribe and even wake up a few sleeping minds. I hope to share my writing and poetry with others as well as hear theirs. I hope to show strangers that good people still exist with random acts of kindness. I hope to spread truth and awakening wherever we stop through real conversations. I truly hope to meet a few of the beautiful souls I've gotten to know through all these wonderful social platforms on the internet. 

This may seem impossible, I know so many believe the world is evil, that greedy people and psychopaths lurk around each corner just waiting for good people to let their guard down but I refuse to swallow that jagged pill, I refuse to believe I am alone, I can feel the connection, I know there are so many out there just like me and this platform, along with some others, has showed me my intuition is true.

Tiny seeds of knowledge, of hope and of truth can surely breed immense changes in our world and I am a farmer. 


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Just another soul gaining experience in this game we call life.

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