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- The Shift Movies - 

Paradigm Shift Central Facilitator - Brendon Culliton attended school for Media Theory and Production.
Since the genesis of the Paradigm Shift project he has directed and released 4 full length movies online to help inspire others
as well as document the ongoing shift in consciousness.
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Journey to Lucidity: The Planted Seed

Plot Synopsis: A young man awakens unexpectedly under a tree to find himself in the midst of a magical dream-like festival full of artists, musicians, celebration, meditation, knowledge, and other yet to be explored mysteries and characters. Given a gift of a single pinecone he sets out on his way to learn more about it, himself, and the universe.



Full Movie:  


Journey to the Lucidity 2: Tree of Guardians

Plot Synopsis: Wolf-Shield returns to the dream once again with a mission to find the other Guardians and to learn about what it is that we are here to remember. Weaving his way through the festival with the pinecone, he connects and meets with a variety of vibrant and inspirational dreamers. 

As Wolf-Shield's journey evolves, he begins to embody more about who it is that he is here to be while inspiring others to do the same. What are you a Guardian of? 


Full Movie:


Journey to the Lucidity 3: Quest of Quests
(15 min preview)

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Journey to the Rockmont: Three Days of Light (2012)


Plot Synopsis: Join gonzo journalist Brendon (aka Skull Babylon) as he sets off on a journey to reunite with long lost new found friends and spirit family at the Three Days of Light consciousness festival and retreat. 

Through this story we see first hand accounts of the youth and non youth here on this planet today who are passionate about exploring spirituality as a means to refine their identities to then go out and change the world- to choose be the change they wish to see. This is an inspiring story to unite all of those who see it with a knowing that as a global community we have the potential and privilege to co-create, educate, and celebrate a better world.

The paradigms are shifting, and Skull Babylon is here to bring you the story first hand. 



Full Movie:  



Journey to the West: A Spacelite Documentry (2011)


Plot Synopsis: Follow Brendon as he sets off on an 8 day adventure to return to Vancouver Canada - The West Coast. While there he meets up with his good friend Joe , who he synchronistically crossed paths with while in Vancouver in 2009. With the camera focusing towards Joe he brings Brendon and the viewer into a vibe of experintial freedom. The movie is a spontaneous telling of the real events that unfolded, from the introduction of Spacelite (a highgrade natural health formula created by Joe), to the awards ceremony at a film festival, to the deaking of acid rain. You can order Spacelite at


"It is my intention that this film will educate and inspire people to live healthier more conscious lives." - SKULL BABYLON


WARNING - This film contains coarse language.


Full Movie:




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