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Videogame Mindfulness

 - Video Game Mindfulness Training -

(Note - Most games will not work on mobile devices. Sorry.)
The following video games have been specifically selected to be used as tools to help
you develop and train your cognitive/mental awareness.

!!!NEW!!! - Keep and eye on for ongoing posts about The Mindfulness Games - an opportunity for anyone to WIN FREE SHIFT BUTTONS by claiming highscores in a variety of the games below.  

Meditation in one sense is about focus.
Allow these games to become a meditation for you.
Focus. Fail. Get up. Get better. Vigilance.  

∞ There is no such thing as an external opponent. ∞

Once you are done here - go play the realest game of all-

Have Fun!

Geometry Wars
Like all things at first - this one can be challenging. 
But like all things eventually - you will get better with practice.

Tips: If you idle it will upgrade your weapon faster.
Sometimes the best way to get through a tough situation
is to move right through it, rather than around it. 

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Flow Orb
How many things can you focus on at once?
This game will challenge your ability to be aware of your surroundings
and react accordingly. Conscious hand placement is a must.

3D Missile Game 
Speed requires optimal awareness. 
Lose your focus - lose the game.  


If you have made it this far then congratulations, 
there is something else to share with you about the biggest game there is-
The one each of us play every day within our mind.

If you change the rules on what controls you,
you will change the rules on what you can control. 

Transform your impressions. <

An ancient game of duality. 
Train your perception. Use sight beyond sight.


Puzzle Bobble
Think before you move. Move as you think.
Be as you do. Allow your mind to see. Allow your choices to flow.
Allow yourself to know. A casual game but a super fun one.
Use your angles. 


A full version of a classic SNES game.
Observe your surroundings, collect power ups, dodge mass amounts of attacks.
This game is for the more advanced player.
Take up the challenge and persevere. 
Game may not work on all computers. 


Test Your Typing Skills
A bit less of a 'game' and more of a practical training program.
You type on your computer all the time. Can you increase your ability to type?
Of course you can - this program will help.


Classic Space Invaders
Don't let the first level fool you. This game takes skill.
Lead your shots and use your tactics if you plan to go far. 

∞ Open Your Eyes to Reclaim Your Prize ∞