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Shift Buttons / Shifter Booster Kit

Shifter Booster Kit

The Shifter Booster Kit: Potent tools to help Shifters hack the matrix with love and build conscious community where they are. 

Get your Shifter Booster Kit when you add your support to the Team Patreon as a monthly micro supporter for just $3-5.
Full kit is worth approximately $70.

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(Flower of Life) Free Hugs Signs: +11 Synchronicity
Shift Buttons: +9 Synchronicity, + 4 Meditation, +3 Manifestation 
Love Wand (crystal massage tool): +9 Healing +6 Meditation
Crystal Wrap Pendant: +5 Manifestation

The Shifter Booster Kit is an essential assortment of tools to accelerate a Shifters involvement in the real world game of Paradigm Shift Central to help assist in the shift in consciousness and build the tribe. The Shifter Booster Kit includes quest items to help start and build physical Paradigm Shift communities via Shiftivism tactics involving Free Hugs and Shift Buttons. Using the items will help you to plant conscious seeds, spark conversation, be seen by other Shifters, use the buttons as opened eyed meditation tools, connect people with your local community events, leave lasting impressions, hack the matrix with love, and synch people up with the real world game and the media of the global project via the main website on the buttons.

*Shift Buttons are guaranteed to evoke synchronicity within your reality simply by wearing them.

Funds raised support future projects for the community, including ongoing live broadcasted classrooms, global mediations, and other events. Full length movies, website upgrades, free Shift Buttons for others in the community, the Paradigm Shift Love Tour live documentary, and more. 

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about how to use Shift Buttons. 


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