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Kalamazoo, MI


August 2

Game Name(s):

Breezy SpreadLove Pearl Sheetara Pearl's Angel Breezy Love

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Astrological Signs:


Primary Element Type:


Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Heroic Leader, Neo-gonzo Journalist, Elven Kin, Benevolent Mage, Modern Ninja, Transdimensional Messenger, Starfighter Pilot

I am passionate about...

Changing the World, Crystal Healing, existential soul work

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Starseed Counselor, magic weaver, and cosmic dancer

I would like to learn more about...

Crystals, the stars, and the planet that I live on

Inspirational Saying:

I will save the world one person at a time, one adventure at a time!

Youtube Channel:









We all strive to be HIGH VIBE HUMANS. We strive to walk with love, bringing positivity into the spaces we live. Sometimes we need help doing that.

J. Lauryn's voice and down to earth lyrics helped me maintain a high vibe.

I first heard "Live Aloha" on Bring Me 2 Life Radio. She has won a Songwriter Grammy in 2017,…

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Summer Energy Recap 2017

Hey High Vibe Humans! 

I hope that all is well with you. The energy of 2017 has definitely shown us how much we have changed since 2025955?profile=RESIZE_180x180 2012. The great paradigm shift sweeping humanity is working its magic. Many industries and Governments see how interconnected humans are and have been evolving with Humanitarian principles in mind. The world is beautiful…

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May Angel Channeling

Hey high vibe humans!
It’s great to meet another sexy shifter who is into raising consciousness.
I wanted to share this special message with you because of my dedication to the Paradigm Shift Community. I share a connection with the angels and channel messages each month. This is a sample of what I do and who I am.

Welcome to May!
This month Archangel Jeremiel says it’s time to “Overcome Difficulties”! The worst is now behind you. You have surmounted your previous…

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TRUMP-et SoundS

Hello High Vibe Humans!

The climate in the community is mixed. The political establishment has many worried about the future and fearful for their human rights.

After all is said and done, Donald Trump calls us to represent our Higher self. We must embody the best of who we are at this time. We need to unify as one human family. This is something we can use to come together, especially when we extend…

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We have now entered the TRUMP ERA.

Is that scary sounding? What kinds of emotions come up for you as you read?
To me, this is a period of deep reflection. The political climate has brought up a lot of fears for many people. Our backgrounds may be different, but we are all being affected by this transfer of power.…

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Being Unique: The Truth

Hey Sexy shifters~

I would like to share another truth with you. 

The world is a vast and diverse place. The population on our dear mother Gaia is surpassing seven (7) billion high vibe humans! That is variation at its finest. We are not alone on our journeys. We are actively co-creating reality together.
Our society has a lot to say about “being different”. Capitalism sometimes glorifies ‘difference’, puts it on a temporary pedestal and parades it…

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What's Up High Vibe Humans?

I wanted to take the time to re-connect with writing my thoughts. Therefore, I will be experimenting with my YouTube series, Truthday Tuesday, and creating a written version.

Truthday Tuesday is a day high vibe humans, like you, ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience. The written format will be more detailed for the…

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Hello All you High Vibe Humans and Sexy Shifters ;)
 Breezy Here!

I wanted to share with you all the updates, and upgrades going on in my reality.

I released a NEW YouTube Video you can watch Here. This highlights my message very well. This is an urgent message. If you feel called, please share this with as many people as possible. …

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Breezy's Teaching Two Workshops!

Hey all you High Vibe Humans! 

I am so excited to share with you this news! Okay, in reality I am giving ONE workshop twice, at two different festivals. Let me start at the beginning, I'm so excited to share this with you. 

Every summer I do a Golden Gaian Adventure, a documented trip about a Gaian Traveller and Light Worker Explorer filled with Golden Creative Life Force Energy on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness,…

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  • New Videos Every Tuesday on my channel, YouTube Breezyspreadlove
  • 3515758?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Introducing the proto type "Breezy SpreadLove Logo" 
    As we transform into our higher selves, we may feel drawn to certain symbols. 

    I have always wanted to be a SuperHero! After much meditation and doodling, I have given creative birth to my symbol. 

    This is the first phase, and feedback is appreciated <3

  • We need to unify as one human family. This is something we can use to come together, especially when we extend the hand of understanding.

    It is time to sound the trumpet and come together as a holy chorus as one voice.


    I am on a #GoldenGaianAdventure to save the world, one adventure at a time, on person at a time. What is the Golden Gaian Adventure? A Gaian Traveller and Light Worker Explorer with Golden Creative Life Force Energy on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and Root Universal and Solar Upgrades.

    Twitter: @Breezyspreadlov

    Main Channel:

  • Community Admin

    Thanks for helping be the bridge between the anime realms and this one!
    This year is going to be pretty exciting for the team and I am really glad that we have you on it to help lead the way. 
    Fellow Community Admin, I salute you. 

  • 3515675?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    ~* MY First Post*~ and Official Golden Gaian Adventure  video :D

  • Community Admin

    Okay good. Everyone has their own wall right now. Though I cant change it from oldest to newest. Oh well though. This will still be useful. I will delete this comment anyways - but ya - this is your wall - you can use it how ever you wish. 

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